The heritage of the museums of Siena and the Chianti region is immense. The Fondazione Musei Senesi it brings together more than 40, housed in impressive architecture and historical buildings. The geographical proximity and affinity of the collections makes the network of museums of Siena a sort of open air museum. Among the collections, many testimonies of the Etruscan civilization, Roman, up to the contemporary, artistic, archaeological, naturalistic and ethnographic. For info

Discover the six most important museums of Siena, not to be missed on a visit.


The museum is inside the Cathedral of Siena. It contains tables, tapestries and triptychs of famous painters of the ‘300 and’ 400, such as Donatello, Pisano, of Oak and Dupré. Inside the Duccio with his work Majesty. Founded in 1869, it is a private museum and prestigious, obtained by the closure of the first three bays of the right aisle of the New Cathedral. By Facciatone also it offers an unforgettable view of the city. In the Cathedral visit also Libreria Piccolomini, Baptistery of St. John, the Crypt and the baptismal font of the cathedral.

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With important works of art of the ‘300 and’ 400 with artists such as Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Martini, Duccio, Pietro, Sassetta. Among the masterpieces include “The Little Majesty” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, the precious Madonna of the Franciscans Duccio, in addition to the table of Michelino da Besozzo

Via di San Pietro, 29, Siena
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It is housed within the Public Palace, the medieval palace in Siena, dating from the thirteenth century. It contains precious frescoes like The Majesty, the Guidoriccio, the cycle of Famous Men and Good Government cycle. Inside the Hall of the Nine, the Picture Gallery and the Chapel.

Piazza del Campo, 1, Siena
Tel. +39 0577 292232


Anche detto Museo di Santa Maria della Scala, è all’interno dei sotterranei dello “Spedale”, costruito nel lontano 898. Contiene un importante ciclo di affreschi raffiguranti la vita quotidiana del Quattrocento, importanti collezioni archeologiche e materiali raccolti dal territorio senese. Visita l’intero stabile dell’antico Spedale, per scoprire la Cappella delle Donne, l’oratorio di Santa Caterina, la Cappella delle Reliquie, il fienile, le antiche corsie e il Chiasso di Sant’Ansano.

Piazza del Duomo I, Siena
Tel. +39 0577 534571


The Academy was founded in 1691 to study natural phenomena with an experimental verification. Important scientists such as Volta, Pasteur and Linnaeus were members of the Academy. Today it is a museum where important finds as zoological, geological collections, botanical, animal exhibits and minerals, ancient manuscripts of the Academy and impressive petrified anatomical pieces.

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Piazzetta Silvio Gigli 2,
Prato di Sant’Agostino, Siena
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